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YB30L-BS Ready to Install & Charged AGM Battery - 12 Volts 30 Amp Hrs

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  • AP30L-BS Ready to Install & Charged AGM Battery - 12 Volts 30 Amp Hrs | Battery Specialist Canada
  • AP30L-BS Ready to Install & Charged AGM Battery - 12 Volts 30 Amp Hrs Front | Battery Specialist Canada
  • AP30L-BS Ready to Install  | Battery Specialist Canada
  • AP30L-BS Ready to Install & Charged AGM Battery | Battery Specialist Canada

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Our Sealed AGM series battery is the one you are looking for. AGM sealed technology has refined the battery. Maintenance free, so no more filling with acid. Will not leak, even upside down position. Lead Calcium plates more than double the storage life. Valve regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) design means low gasses during charging. Increases CCA performance. Classified as non hazardous and may be shipped air or ground.

Premium quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) is ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. The Adventure Power AGM Battery was designed for more than performance; it was designed for the enthusiast with more cranking power than our competitors' same sized battery. Adventure Power batteries are completely spillproof and leakproof. Frequent replacement and high maintenance are over! A one year warranty is also included for your peace of mind. The key to this technology is the porous microfiber separators, which completely absorb and trap electrolyte. Molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability. The AGM Battery provides the most power and best value in the industry.

  • Factory Sealed AGM Battery
  • Charged
  • Ready to Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • CCA rating 385
  • Click here to download data sheet.
  • Extend the life of your battery and use a smart charger when not in use.  Click here to learn more.
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  • The APIX30L has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
0445-081 53030 FAYIX30L
1436-358 533030H GNBSC30LFA
1436-691 6012622 K26012-1005
278001763 66010-97A M22H30
278001763-WP 66010-97B M6230X
278001866 66010-97C MTX-30L
278001882 B3121 PIX30CLBS-FS
278001882-WP BAB30-12 YG60-N30L-BS
33610-37010 BRL-B3121 PIX30LBS
4010595 BTX-30L PIX30LBSFS
4010630 C60-N24AL-B SVR30L
4011224 C60-N30L-A UBVT-2
4013129 CB30CL-B UIX30L
4014609 CB30L-B WPX30L-BS
4140012 CIX30L WPX30L-LS
515176151 CTX 30L BS X2-30LA
515176151-SNOW CTX-30L-BS XTA30L
515176151-WP E04987 Y60-N24AL-B
515177836 E04990 YB30CL-B
515177836-SNOW ES-TX30L YB30L-B
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Warranty Information

Battery Specialist warrants your unit to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of sale to the original user or purchaser with the exception of abuse or misuse. This warranty is non-transferable. If your unit malfunctions or fails within 6 months because of a defect in material or workmanship, we will replace or repair the unit. Replacement will be made with a new or remanufactured product or component. If the product is no longer available, replacement may be made with a similar product or equal or greater value. This warranty excludes malfunctions or failures of your unit which were caused by repairs made by an unauthorized person, mishandling, modifications, normal wear, unreasonable use, or damage to the product. This warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties. The duration of implied warranty, including but not limited to any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose made in respect to your unit is limited to the period of the express warranty set forth above. In no event will Battery Specialist Limited be liable for consequential or incidental damages.
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