APVTX20HL-BS Kinetik VTwin Heavy Duty Battery - 65989-97B - YTX20HL-BS - 12 Volts 18 Ah

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V-Twin AGM
  • APVTX20HL-BS Kinetik VTwin Heavy Duty Battery Front  | Battery Specialist Canada
  • APVTX20HL-BS Kinetik VTwin Heavy Duty Battery Top  | Battery Specialist Canada
  • APVTX20HL-BS Kinetik VTwin Heavy Duty Battery Angle  | Battery Specialist Canada
  • APVTX20HL-BS Kinetik VTwin Heavy Duty Battery with Acid  | Battery Specialist Canada

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This APVTX20HL battery is specifically designed for the high heat and vibration common in V-Twin vehicles. It features a patented internal post design that takes the original 3 internal connections and reduces them to 1 to increase internal resistance and provide a boost in cranking power.

This battery consists of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) with absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators that is maintenance free. The included flush-mount terminals provide quick, easy installation.

  • AGM Battery for VTwin Engines
  • OEM Replacement: 65989-97B, YTX20HL-BS
  • Heavy Duty Casing
  • Flush Mount Terminals
  • Bolts and Acid Pack included
  • Maintenance Free
  • CCA Rating 310
  • Lenght: 6.93
  • Width: 3.43
  • Height: 6.10
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0134-778 26012-1340 296000295 44171
0134-778-SNOW 26012-1384 296000295-SNOW 46083
0745-039 26012-1390 31500-MCA-003 4SH-82100-22-00
0745-039-SNOW 26012-3001 31500-MCA-003AH 4SH-82100-22-00-SNOW
12N16-3B 26012-3002 31500-MCA-R31AH 515175560
12N16-3BSENSOR 26012-3701 3306-301 515175560-SNOW
12V20L 26012-3704 4010466 515175642
1352 26012-3705 4011374 515175642-SNOW
17123 26012-3707 4011479 515175643
18L-BS 26012-3708 4011480 515175759
20LBS 26012-3709 4011496 515175759-SNOW
26012-0002 26012-3716 4011496-OPT 515175848
26012-0004 26012-3719 4011496-STD 515177719
26012-0007 26012-3720 4012638 515177719-SNOW
26012-0012 26012-3721 4013045 515177720
26012-0140 26012-3723 4015961 515177720-SNOW
26012-1013 26012-3725 410301200 581324
26012-1039 26012-3728 410301203 5FU-H2100-20-00
26012-1040 26012-3730 410301203-SNOW 65989-90B
26012-1053 26012-501 410301203-WP 65989-97A
26012-1101 26012-502 410922990 65989-97B
26012-1118 278000108-WP 4140011 65989-97C
26012-1130 278000242-WP 415129395 65989-97D
26012-1149 278000477 415129395-SNOW 65989-98C
26012-1183 278000477-WP 415129898 715900316
26012-1236 278000712 415129898-SNOW 715900316-SNOW
26012-1242 278000712-WP 43033 7401890
26012-1273 295500116 440006 AE20L
26012-1315 295500116-WP 44027 APTX20HL-BS
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    Great CCA for a V-twin.

    Posted by Scott Dynes on 29th Apr 2020

    Great battery, everything stated is correct.

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